Congratulations to the Delta Professional Services (DPS) ATP-CTP team as they welcomed their 1,000th student in the December 2022 class. 


Capt. Eddie Stokes and the December 18 ATP-CTP class which included the 1,000th student of 2022

The ATP-CTP course, offered by DPS, is required for every pilot prior to obtaining their ATP certificate.  DPS offers this seven-day course on the Delta campus in Atlanta where students are introduced to transport category aircraft and airline operations with an emphasis on safety through the study of aircraft accidents in the past.  Students who attend this course are exposed to Delta procedures, Delta resources and the culture of Delta airlines as they spend a full week on campus, including three days flying Delta simulators. This milestone is a result of incredible teamwork between the dedicated instructor corps and the outstanding support team in the Delta corporate office. Special thanks to Rochelle Kanianthra for her exemplary leadership throughout this year.



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