In Time to Kick off the Holiday Season Travel, Journey Aviation Adds Two Additional Gulfstreams to its Charter


Journey Aviation – a worldwide private jet charter operator and aircraft management company – continues to grow its charter fleet with its latest addition of two Gulfstreams including a GV and GIVSP. Just in time for holiday season travel, the company now has a fleet of 24 aircraft, 18 of which are Gulfstreams including 3 G550s, 7 GVs and 8 GIVs – available for domestic and international flights.

The Gulfstream GV with its generous interior and ultra long-range performance of 6,200 nautical miles, offers over 12 hours of non-stop flight ideal for travel worldwide. This aircraft also showcases a spacious floor plan with a 16 passenger executive configuration, beautiful 2023 renovated interior, aft split cabin for privacy with two divans, complimentary domestic Wifi and the latest cabin amenities.

The Gulfstream GIVSP with its long-range performance of 4,200 nautical miles is perfect for domestic coast-to-coast and international travel. This aircraft offers a comfortable floor plan with its 13 passenger executive configuration, newly renovated 2023 gorgeous, modern interior and complimentary domestic Wifi available.

Journey Aviation’s Chief Executive Officer, Fabian Bello shared, “It is my absolute pleasure to announce the latest Gulfstream charter fleet adds just in time to further support our client’s holiday travel needs this season. We are so grateful for the growth. Both aircraft offer the very best with 2023 renovated interiors and first-class amenities that align with our standards in quality and excellence.

As we finish up this year and move into the next, we look forward to our continued company growth as we strive to offer the very best to our employees, clients and business partners along the way.” Journey specializes in 24/7, on demand, charter flights worldwide with a stringent focus on achieving excellence in personalized service and quality product. Journey’s fleet comprises of Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream GV, Gulfstream GIVSP, Gulfstream GIV, Falcon 2000, Challenger 300, Embraer Praetor 600, and Hawker models. The Company holds high industry standard safety certifications ARG/US Platinum, ISBAO Stage II, Wyvern Registered and is a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation.


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