United Airlines Labor Coalition Withholds Support for Houston-Haneda Route Application


Just over one year ago, the United Airlines Labor Coalition raised its concern over United's codeshare agreement with Emirates Airlines, based partly on accounts of unfair labor practices and employee intimidation in the United Arab Emirates. Today, we raise our concern over employee treatment much closer to home.

Labor relations at United Airlines have deteriorated to the point that lacking labor standards halfway around the world now seem suited to describe the current situation at our own airline. At the forefront is a draconian and one-sided approach to employee investigations and discipline. Human Resources is now involved in the smallest and simplest infractions, resulting in consequences orders of magnitude worse than the deed. Most grievance cases are denied and sent up to the next level with little discretion given to local managers who best know their workforce and issues.

United Airlines filed a supplement to its application for a Haneda slot, which was surrendered by Delta Airlines. In this long and detailed document, United outlines the reasons it should be awarded authority to fly to Haneda from Houston. The Labor Coalition finds it instructive that nowhere in this exhaustive brief is mention of a single benefit to United's labor force, should United be awarded this coveted slot. In fact. the point is made that IAH-Haneda flights would not be additive, but rather a replacement for existing IAH-Narita service.

Recently, the leaders of United's unionized employees were asked to submit letters to the Department of Transportation in support of United Airlines' application for Houston-Haneda authorization. Such collaboration stems from relationships centered on mutual respect and fair treatment. Sadly, we believe the current labor/management relationship falls far short of this standard. For the sake of the employees we represent, we sincerely hope for an improved climate, where cooperation and collaboration can exist and thrive. Such a climate does not exist today, and as a result, the United Airlines Union Coalition agrees it is inappropriate to support United's application for Houston-Haneda service.


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