JetBlue Launches New TrueBlue Loyalty Program Today, Offering More Paths to Perks and Mosaic Status


Program Delivers More Value to Customers Across JetBlue’s Entire Suite of Travel Products and Partnerships

Customers Will Earn Perks Sooner Than Ever Before and TrueBlue Mosaic® Expands with Multiple, New Levels

JetBlue (Nasdaq: JBLU) launched the new TrueBlue® loyalty program, offering members more value with the introduction of tiles, Perks You Pick™, expanded levels of Mosaic and more ways to earn perks and status than ever before. The program, announced last year, builds on TrueBlue’s award-winning features that customers have come to love while expanding to offer members new opportunities to earn perks and status whether in the air or on the ground. With this reimagined loyalty program, JetBlue has set the bar sky-high as a travel brand with new industry-leading rewards for more customers to earn and enjoy.

“As JetBlue grows, we maintain our commitment to delivering innovative programs and products that provide our customers withgreat service and low fares, which is why we are thrilled to launch the new TrueBlue loyalty program,” said Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and loyalty, JetBlue. “The new TrueBlue comes at the perfect time as we prepare not only to become a bigger JetBlue, but a travel partner that brightens all aspects of the journey by offering our customers more choices, perks and ways to earn rewards.”

“JetBlue is continuing our legacy of disrupting travel for the better with unique, customer-first programs such as the new TrueBlue,” said Christopher Buckner, vice president of loyalty and partnerships, JetBlue. “The new TrueBlue redefines what it means to be a loyalty program by offering new and exciting perks to more customers, as well as providing more ways to attain perks and status.”

“We’re excited that our travel sites and JetBlue Vacations are fully integrated into the new TrueBlue so that members can rack up rewards along their journey—when booking flights and beyond,” said Andres Barry, president, JetBlue Travel Products. “Moving forward, when a customer books a car rental or activity on Paisly, or a flight + cruise or hotel package with JetBlue Vacations, they will earn TrueBlue points towards their next trip and earn tiles to get them closer to one of their next Perks You Pick.”

Earn Tiles to Build Your Mosaic, Your Way

Tiles are the new way for TrueBlue members to track progress toward Mosaic status while also unlocking valuable perks along the way. With the introduction of tiles, TrueBlue members can turn road trip rentals into an inflight rosé, or that dream vacation into Mosaic status.

One tile is awarded for every $100 in qualifying purchases¹ on JetBlue, JetBlue Vacations®, Paisly® by JetBlue, many JetBlue extras and fees and American Airlines flights. Additionally, one tile is awarded for every $1,000 in eligible spend¹ on all JetBlue credit cards. The more ways customers interact with JetBlue, the more perks they can earn.

More Perks for More Customers

Understanding that no two travelers are alike, the new TrueBlue gives customers the ability to choose the rewards that are most valuable to them. For the first time ever, TrueBlue members will be able to customize their experience with Perks You Pick from a new menu of rewards after reaching only 10 tiles.

For every 10 tiles TrueBlue members earn (until reaching Mosaic status at 50 tiles), they can choose a new perk, including:

  • Early Boarding.
    • Get settled sooner with Group B boarding (excluding Blue Basic fares).
  • Priority Security.
    • Access an expedited lane to security at dozens of airports.2
  • Alcoholic Drink.
    • First beer, wine or liquor is free each flight (21+).
  • JetBlue Vacations Bonus.
    • 2X points bonus on a JetBlue Vacations package (one-time use).3
  • 5,000-Point Bonus.
    • Boost your TrueBlue balance with 5,000 bonus points.

These perks will allow even occasional travelers to enjoy an elevated experience when flying on JetBlue. TrueBlue members can track their tiles on their TrueBlue dashboard starting today, with members receiving tiles for spend from the start of 2023. Any member eligible for Perks You Pick based on their 2023 tile count will have the opportunity to immediately select as many perks as they’re eligible for.

Once a customer earns 50 tiles, they will reach Mosaic 1 status, automatically receive all TrueBlue Perks You Pick and benefit even more from new Mosaic levels and Mosaic Perks You Pick4.

Take Mosaic to the Next Level

Whether they fly it, buy it or drive it, TrueBlue members need only collect 50 tiles to unlock Mosaic—a milestone that’s within reach for more customers whether they’re booking flights, family vacations, or your favorite all-inclusive getaways. The new and expanded Mosaic now contains four levels, each offering Mosaic Signature Perks to enjoy:

  • Mosaic 1 – 50 tiles:
    • First Two Checked Bags Free.
    • Beer, Wine & Liquor.
    • Even More® Space at Check-In.
    • Same-Day Switches.
    • Mosaic Boarding.
    • Priority Security.
    • Dedicated Check-In.
    • Dedicated Support Line and Priority Chat Assistance.
    • Heathrow Express Upgrade.
  • Mosaic 2 – 100 tiles: Even More Space at Booking
    • Up to 7” more legroom at no extra charge during booking on every JetBlue-operated flight (pending availability).
  • Mosaic 3 – 150 tiles: Move to Mint
    • Four certificates that let you book in Core, then move to Mint® at no extra charge (pending availability).
    • Transatlantic routes require 2 certificates, per person, per segment, while all other routes require 1 certificate per person, per segment, to move to Mint.
  • Mosaic 4 – 250 tiles: Move to Mint Again + BLADE Airport Transfers
    • Two more certificates that let you book in Core, then move to Mint at no extra charge (pending availability).
    • Credits for 4 one-way BLADE Airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan and JFK or EWR.

Additionally, each time a member qualifies for a new level of Mosaic, they’ll be able to select one new perk from the Mosaic Perks You Pick menu, including:

  • FoundersCard Blue Membership
    • Enjoy 150+ premium travel, business, and lifestyle benefits—created exclusively for Mosaic members.
  • Pet Fee Waiver
    • Jet with your pet (cat or small dog) on all eligible JetBlue-operated flights at no extra charge ($125 value per flight).
  • $99 Statement Credit on Select JetBlue Cards
    • One-time $99 statement credit for JetBlue Plus or Business Card.5
  • 20-Tile Bonus
    • Get or gift a 20-tile boost to get to the next level—and more perks—faster.
  • 15,000-Point Bonus
    • Boost your TrueBlue balance with 15,000 bonus points.
  • Mint Suite Priority
    • Priority access to Mint Suite selection on select aircraft (pending availability). Excludes Mint Studio®.

Scoring TrueBlue Points

While tiles will track progress towards status and perks, TrueBlue members will continue to earn points that can be redeemed for award travel and Cash + Points bookings. From taking trips to taking surveys, al fresco brunches to everyday purchases, it’s easy to rack up TrueBlue points. And since there are no blackout or expiration dates, it’s just as easy to use them (or share them to friends and family members with Points Pooling).

All TrueBlue members also have an opportunity to boost their points balances with Perks You Pick. A 2x points bonus on JetBlue Vacations (one-time use only) and the 5,000-Point Bonus are available as two of the TrueBlue Perks You Pick while Mosaic members can select the 15,000-Point Bonus as one of their perks.


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