Letter from the Publisher


Dear Readers,

airplane in sunset sky

This month, we welcome a new contributor to Aero Crew News. Justin Abrams is filling in for Anthony Lorenti with a new Squall Line on the topic of fog. Justin is a first officer for a major airline with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation who has a true passion for anything aviation-related. We are always looking for new ways to grow at Aero Crew News, so if you or someone you know has a passion for aviation, has Microsoft Word and some good ideas, we invite you to share with us and all of our readers. We are fortunate to have an amazing editor who for 23 years has made me a better writer and does so for all our contributors. We are more interested in having you share your knowledge and experience than your subject/verb agreement and punctuation. (Being published looks great on your résumé, too!)

We also received some great feedback last month from one of our readers that we have added to our new Feedback section on page 10. See what Kyle has to say and let us hear from you, too. Please send your feedback, ideas, topics of interest, and writer interests to info@aerocrewnews.com

Fly safe,

Craig Pieper

Publisher, Aero Crew News

P.S. Our editor wants me to sign off with the grammatically correct adverb “safely” but since I say, “Fly safe,” I’ll write it that way, whether she likes it or not. 


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