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Dear readers,

Over the past month, we have been working hard to create airline and aviation company profiles on our website, aka The Grid. You may have noticed that we started with as many companies as we could within the United States, then we focused on the Canadian companies. Now we are focusing on the bigger airlines around the globe. Once those are completed, our plan is to go country by country and create as many profiles as we can. If you can provide us with any details for any airline or charter company across the globe, please email us at GridUpdates@AeroCrewNews.com. For a list of what we are looking for (aside from work rules and pay rates) please visit AeroCrewNews.com/acn-grid/ and check out some of the profiles. Speaking of pay rates, this month we welcome a new author, Christopher Broyhill, Ph.D., creator and founder of AirComp Calculator. AirComp Calculator is sophisticated software that can help flight departments determine proper compensation packages for their pilots based upon the latest market rate. Christopher will be writing about the corporate side of aviation. We welcome him and his expertise and I encourage you to check out his new column Business Vector.

As always, feel free to contact me with your questions or comments at info@AeroCrewNews.com.

Fly Safe,

Craig Pieper


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