Amy’s Shrimp and Poke Shack


Poke, is a seafood haven in Waikiki

On my overnight stay in the heart of Waikiki, where the salty breeze mingles with the tantalizing aroma of fresh seafood, there's a hidden gem that every seafood enthusiast should discover. Amy’s Shrimp and Poke (pronounced PO-Kay) Shack is located conveniently with other quality food trucks on Kalakaua Avenue. It’s an inviting establishment masterfully operated by culinary wizards that promises an unforgettable voyage into the heart of Hawaiian flavors.

Once you locate the parking lot with the food trucks, do not be tempted by the fragrant smells coming from the other trucks. Keep your eyes on the prize of the shrimp and poke extravaganza awaiting your well-prepared palate. Save those trucks for another day. But, I’ll bet you probably won’t be able to pass up this truck once you have had your first bite.  

You will be greeted by a welcoming staff to guide you through their menu which offers locally-sourced seafood prepared with love. I was directed to the famous Hawaiian garlic shrimp plate where I was allowed to increase the portion size of shrimp, because not only can you get delicious bowls and plates, you can also buy shrimp by the pound! Yes, I said “purchase by the pound.” Grab a few pounds for you and your crew, take a short walk to the beach and have an island picnic.

The heart of the menu is highlighted by plump, succulent shrimp which are perfectly seasoned and grilled. They are tossed in a fresh garlic-butter sauce that delivers a solid right hook to your taste buds. Did you know that eight ounces of shrimp can have as much as 54 grams of protein to fuel your adventure in Hawaii?  

If you’re a poke lover, you will find your haven here. The poke bowls at Amy’s are a true work of art. Fresh, marinated raw fish served atop a bed of rice and accompanied by an assortment of vegetables and exotic sauces. The Ahi Tuna Poke, with its velvety texture and delightful sesame-ginger dressing, is a must-try that captures the essence of Hawaiian cuisine

When you take your first bite you will taste what sets Amy’s apart from other trucks. It  is not just the delectable dishes, but the genuine aloha spirit infused into every culinary creation. The chefs at Amy’s take pride in sourcing the finest local ingredients ensuring an authentic taste that reflects the essence of Hawaii.

Amy’s Shrimp and Poke Shack by WasaBee is more than a food truck – it’s a culinary odyssey that beckons you to explore the depths of Hawaiian flavors. From the moment you step in until the last bite, you are embraced by the warmth of the islands and can taste the richness of the sea. For those seeking an unforgettable seafood experience in Waikiki, Amy’s Shrimp and Poke Shack stands as a testament to the vibrant, flavorful paradise that is Hawaiian cuisine.

Calling all Foodies, please share your go to Hawaiian eateries as Food Bites contemplates more island adventures. Share your recommendations for the next exploration into the vibrant, flavorful paradise of Hawaiian cuisine!

Food Truck Park

1944 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815


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