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Talon Air was founded by an individual who combined a passion for private aviation with a vision for a singular business travel solution. A successful real estate developer and attorney, father of five, multi-engine, instrument rated, ATP pilot and certified flight instructor, Talon Air Founder and CEO Adam Katz, Esq. recognized that the private jet market lacked what he demanded as a discerning and knowledgeable traveler: consistency and flexibility.

Mr. Katz realized that individuals and businesses did not want the five-year commitment or owner-liability associated with fractional private aircraft ownership. He disagreed with the concept of 1) Purchasing a plane that the owner would rarely, if ever, use and 2) Being forced to fly different tail numbers with different pilots on every trip.

Lastly, he recognized that jet-cards were too expensive and brokers lacked operational control. In 2001, Mr. Katz purchased a fleet of late-model aircraft from Raytheon Aircraft Corporation (now Hawker Beechcraft Corporation), hired experienced and well-trained pilots, built a 45,000 sq ft state-of-the-art hangar facility and opened the doors to Talon Air.

talon-04Since opening its doors in August 2001, Talon Air has delivered an unparalleled level of consistency and customer service in the luxury private jet industry. Today, Talon Air has emerged as New York’s fastest growing full service on-demand charter operator, boutique management company, Part 145 Service Center and FBO service provider. Headquartered at Republic Airport (FRG) in Farmingdale, NY Talon’s fleet of 27 aircraft operate from its state of the art  100,000 sq-ft hangar and office complex with satellite bases located in Bedford, MA (BED) and Stuart, FL (SUA).

talon-05Talon Air operates one of the most diverse fleets including rotor, turbo jet, light, mid, super mid, heavy and ultra-long-range aircraft. Talon Air is a distinguished leader in private aviation, offering our exclusive clientele the highest level of safety, sophistication and convenience. As a Wyvern Wingman, ARG/US Platinum and an IS-BAO Stage II certified company, Talon Air will do anything that is safe and legal. That is the reason we spare no expense when training our pilots on a semi-annual basis; operate a late model charter fleet; equip our private aircraft with the most advanced avionics and entertainment technology available; and gain charter flight operating authority in virtually any city our client’s request, including Reagan National Airport (DCA) in Washington, DC.

Talon is considered the premier aircraft charter and management company in the Northeast US

Talon Air is equipped to provide its clients with a private aircraft suitable for any travel itinerary. Whether it is a one way charter flight, same day round trip, international trip or multi leg trip from coast to coast – we’ve got you covered. We will also help determine the most economic option, whether you prefer a private jet charter, personalized Block Time Agreement or outright aircraft ownership.

Talon is considered the premier aircraft charter and management company in the Northeast US and is proud to be the largest owner/operator of the all new Hawker 4000.Talon employees over 140 people and counting. As Talon Air continues to grow its fleet, our staff continues to grow as well. We are seeking candidates for all positions including Charter Coordinators, Dispatchers, Line Service Technicians, Customer Service Representatives, office personnel and pilots.

Our available pilot positions range from: BE-400 First Officers; Hawker 800 Captains; Hawker 4000 Captains and First Officers; Challenger 604 Captains; and Gulfstream (GV, 550, 350 & GIV) Captains and First Officers. Talon Air offers competitive NBAA salaries, paid time off and a generous benefits package.

Personal attention is a quality that most seek from a service provider. At Talon Air, Inc. providing personal attention is our calling. Every Talon Air staff member is aware that we are in the customer service business. This belief extends from our phone representatives to our ground crews and most importantly to our flight attendants and pilots. When clients fly with Talon, their needs and safety in-flight are our staff’s highest concerns.


Interview with Meagan Lovetro, Human Resources at TalonAir

Pre Interview:

Craig: How do you select applicants to be brought in for an interview?

Meagan: After an applicant submits a resume to Talon Air online, our recruitment team reviews it thoroughly to ensure the candidate meets all of the minimum qualifications outlined in the job description.

C: What can an applicant do to increase their chances of being called for an interview?

M: A candidate can increase their chances of being called back by being as thorough as possible on their resume; outlining their previous employers, all of their type ratings and a detailed description of their training. A cover letter is helpful too, as it allows us to get to know the candidate we are reviewing!

C: How critical is it to attend a job fair to get an interview? 

M: It is not critical to attend a job fair; however it is a great opportunity to put a face to the name and have a meaningful conversation about Talon Air and the candidate’s career goals. It also allows us to answer any questions a candidate may have before they officially apply, making it a better fit on both ends.

C: What is the best way to prepare for an interview with your company?

M: The best way a candidate can prepare for an interview with Talon Air is to really reflect on what they have done in their career and what their future career goals are. We want to hear about the candidate’s previous experiences in detail, especially their customer service experiences. Our pilots go above and beyond their typical flying duties to better serve our clients, so we want to hear about the candidate’s customer service experiences and how they can contribute to Talon’s continued success.


C: Do you recommend that applicants get to yourheadquarters city the day before and get a hotel room for the night?

M: Typically we will try and work around the applicants schedule to try and fit them in when they are able to come in. If coming in the night before works for them then we highly recommend this however it is not necessary.

C: Can you walk me through a typical day of interviews?

M: The applicant would come in to Talon Air and we would make sure they were comfortable before we got started ie coffee, water, tea etc. Then we would begin the interview if all went well during the interview and we see the applicant as a potential employee here at Talon Air we would then introduce him to our President. After that we would give them a tour of our facility and show them all the different departments along with the aircraft they are being considered for. After that we would thank them for their time and speak amongst ourselves on in how the applicant did and if we would like to bring him back for the last step of the interview process which is interviewing with our President.

C: What kind of questions can an applicant expect to be asked?

M: Talon asks questions about their previous work and training history, behavioral and situational questions, and technical questions.

C: Can you give me some examples of the TMAAT questions that you like to ask?

M: Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond your standard flying duties to satisfy a client’s request or to ensure the trip was successful.

C: If the TMAAT question being asked does not apply to that applicant can that question be skipped?

M: The questions asked by the recruitment team typically apply to all pilots.

C: What are some of the biggest mistakes that applicants make during the interview process? 

M: Name dropping high-profile clients or owners the candidate has previously flown. Our client’s confidentiality is extremely important to us, so we seek candidates who possess that same sense of discretion.

Simulator Evaluation:

C: Do you have a simulator ride?  

M: No.

Post Interview:

C: Do you tell applicants they are hired in person that day? 

M: No, after the interview the hiring team will take some time to discuss and compare notes amongst themselves. We will also check the candidate’s references and review any letters of recommendation provided.

C: If not, how long do applicants have to wait to know if they are hired?

M: 2-5 days after the interview we will send out an offer letter.

C: How soon can an applicant expect a class date after being hired?

M: It really depends on both the candidate’s availability and the training class’ availability. We will work with a candidate to come up with a class date that is convenient for the both of us. Candidates will usually start 1-2 weeks prior to their class date to get company training done before they go to school.


C: How many pilots does your airline expect to hire this year?

M: Talon Air expects to hire 25 new pilots by the end of 2016 to help support our growing fleet.

C: Do you have a hiring bonus? Is there any specific criterion to qualify for the bonus?

M: We do not offer a hiring bonus. However, Talon Air does offer relocation or commuter assistance.

C: Does Talon Air have a pilot referral program?

M: Yes! We offer employees a $500.00 pilot referral bonus, which is paid out upon the new hire’s completion of training.

SOURCEAero Crew News, June 2016
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Talon Air is a full service Private Jet Charter Company specializing in private jet services, private jet charters, private jet maintenance, and aircraft management. As the owner and operator of the most diverse fleet of private aircraft in the world, Talon Air offers clients access to heavy, super-midsize, midsize, light jets, turbo-prop, amphibious aircraft and executive helicopters. Talon Air’s expansive in-house fleet of aircraft enables clients private jet charter flights to any destination world-wide. With over a decade of operational experience, Talon Air has become a leader in the private jet charter industry. Talon Air offers significant advantages with incentives such as Discounted On-Demand charter flights, Empty Leg Charter Flights and all-inclusive pricing. Talon Air’s ConciAire Travel Club allows clients to purchase charter flights in 25 hour increments without having to make upfront acquisition, maintenance, membership or broker fees. Our pricing structure provides our clients with the transparency they expect from an affordable, all-inclusive private jet charter company. Talon Air will provide you with an accurate rate based on variables such as the distance traveled, aircraft type, passenger count, and the length of stay. We offer guaranteed availability of our core fleet of aircraft 24/7 with multiple crews available to offer you the flexibility you require from a private jet charter operator. Choose from the largest private fleet of Hawker 4000s in the world for affordability, luxury and flight range. Talon Air is a distinguished leader in private aviation, offering our exclusive clientele the highest level of safety, sophistication and convenience. Our company maintains ARG/US Platinum, Wyvern Wingman and IS-BAO Stage 2 certifications to ensure our clients’ safety during every flight. All of our flight crews have extensive domestic and international experience and have been selected specifically for their ability to offer the highest level of customer service and safety.


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