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Sun Country Airlines® wasn’t born in a corporate office. Instead, it was started in 1982 by a small group of pilots and flight attendants in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, the very people who love flying. The small group that once flew for Braniff International were joined by a few area businessmen and MLT vacations, and the company with new Sun Country® colors lifted off, quite literally in 1983, with a maiden flight between Sioux Falls and Las Vegas.

suncountry-02In an industry that’s seen its share of changes, Sun Country Airlines has adapted through the years, opening new routes across the U.S., and taking more vacationers to the tropical beaches of Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean. Even flying charters to support our troops across the world.


Since July of 2011, the airline has been owned by members of the Davis family of Minnesota, who are also owners of Cambria®, a manufacturer of premium countertops. Always a Minnesota favorite, one passion guides every Sun Country employee and every flight – to safely and effectively help people connect with each other.

The “can-do” hometown spirit that launched Sun Country still lifts us and our passengers today. While we may have changed quite a bit from our humble beginnings over three decades ago, our commitment to entrepreneurship, customer-first service, and homegrown Minnesota values remain the same.

Sun Country Strengths:

  • Sun Country has developed over the years the ability to expand their fleet during the winter months. While most airlines see a downturn in the winter months, Sun Country has developed a relationship with Transavia Airlines (based in the Netherlands). Transavia aircraft are flown to Minnesota each winter. This allows extra seats for increased Sun Country winter seasonal flying. These aircraft are returned to Transavia after the winter months.
  • The Sun Country Charter Department has grown to be very nimble and effective at generating new business and destinations. Sun Country has contracts with various sports teams, and casinos to fly nationwide and frequently to international destinations. Charter flying allows crews to experience a wide range of diverse destinations. Pilots joining Sun Country look forward to a variety of flying.
  • Sun Country Vacations® has become a popular method for customers to book their entire vacation package. Sun Country’s relationship with resorts and hotels provides a high quality vacation experience for its customers at a lower overall cost, especially for families.
  • Sun Country operates out of Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport: Terminal 2. People “in the know” already fly out of Terminal 2, but now more and more are realizing the benefits of the relaxed terminal experience that Terminal 2 provides.

Hiring Perceptions, Past and Present: 

  • Sun Country only hires pilots who live in Minnesota. This is no longer the case.  We are actively seeking pilot candidates from both inside and outside of Minnesota.
  • Sun Country only hires pilots who have an internal referral. While we welcome internal referrals, we also consider candidates that we meet at Job Fairs, and process resumes received via the Careers link on the company public website (see below):


  • Sun Country pilots fly mostly out and backs, and are home most evenings. While these types of trips/pairings exist, Sun Country pilots also fly multi-day trips, including ETOPs legs to several international charter destinations.
  • Sun Country does not follow-through with their training agreement. Sun Country has an eighteen month, $20,000.00 training agreement. Though there is very little attrition on the pilot list, those who do choose to leave prior to the eighteen month service requirement pay the prorated amount owed.
  • Sun Country only has one pilot base. This is true, and all trips start and finish in Minneapolis-St. Paul. We do have flight attendants based in Gulfport, Mississippi and Laughlin, Nevada.


suncountry-05Minimum Qualifications:


  • FAA-issued Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Airplane Multiengine Land Certification with no centerline thrust restriction


  • 2,000 hours total fixed-wing pilot time
  • 500 hours multiengine fixed-wing Pilot in Command (waiver available based on experience)


  • Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate
  • Must pass FAA-mandated drug test


  • Possess a valid passport
  • Must have authorization to work in the United States


  • Possess a valid United States-issued driver’s license


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university (preferred)

Competitive candidates have more than 3,000 hours total time, and have a previous airline or military background, however other flying backgrounds are considered. The interview takes place in the Flight Operations Building C, (on Cargo Road MSP), and consists of a leadership assessment, followed by an interview panel that typically lasts about one hour. Ground school takes place in Building C. Sun Country has a dedicated 737 Simulator based in Minneapolis. Ground school, Simulator, and IOE typically takes up to three months to complete. To set pilots up for success Sun Country provides extended IOE to allow time to become familiar with a wide variety of flying. Pilots can expect to be on reserve for a short period of time. There is a two hour call out for three reserve periods each day. Upgrade time is approximately three years. Pilots are using iPads (EFBs) that are provided in each aircraft for their Jeppesen Charts and to access Company Manuals. Sun Country has also developed a relationship with Jeppesen that allows the Company to publish company information charts that appear within the Jeppesen FD-Pro App.

Sun Country Airlines is looking forward to meeting with you; and providing a pathway to fly for the Hometown Airline.suncountry-04


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