Killa Marti

Killa Marti is an award-winning attorney and founder of Martí Law Firm, LLC, a client-centered immigration practice. Marti Law Firm uses technology to provide a seamless and efficient client experience. With its core values of collaboration, communication and respect, Marti Law Firm is revolutionizing the practice of law. Marti is licensed to practice federal U.S. immigration law in all fifty states and overseas.

Marriage-Based Immigration Part 1: What’s in a Marriage

This month, we have arrived at the meat and potatoes of immigrant visas – marriage-based petitions. This is a large and extremely complex topic...

Love on a Timeline – The K-1 Fiancé Visa

The show 90 Day Fiancé is a rather popular reality TV franchise. With nine seasons and over 100 episodes, this show has delighted and stunned the...

Love Conquers All … Sometimes

Three main myths of marriage-based green cards. Perhaps the most famous (or infamous) immigration process is the marriage-based, green-card petition process. The subject of many...

“Why the “Australian pilot” visa is not an industry disruptor

In my years as an immigration attorney, I’ve found it both entertaining and stressful to hear what is said in the media about immigrants...

Letters and Numbers

Deciphering Immigration Options for Key Aviation Roles Last month, thousands of fans traveled to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. Teams from all over the...

Aero Crew News 2023 Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner Twin Otter – Jon B. Taken at Grand Canyon National airport after a tour over the Canyon. The image is merely point and...

Salt Lick BBQ ­– A Carnivore’s Dream

I was back in Austin, Texas and wanted to have a comparison to the king of brisket from Franklins BBQ that I reviewed in...