Aero Crew News, January 2023


This new year, we are very pleased to bring you new columns with new authors. Of course, we still have the content you have come to rely on for good information and insights. We all think about goals as the new year dawns and Coach Eric Ray hits that topic in the FITNESS column in his piece titled, New Year, Fresh Start. Reini Thijssen has helpful advice about improving our relationships through understanding your attachment style in her BAGGAGE column. Did you even know you had an “attachment style?” John McDermott is back with PERSPECTIVES comparing the operations of Parts 121, 135 and 91. He delivers ideas to be considered when you are choosing your best career path. KNOWLEDGE BASE addresses wake turbulence, its impact, and reasons to avoid it. In SQUALL LINES, Dr. Ajay Raghavendra continues to educate us about the importance of understanding the behaviors of the air in which we fly. His column should not be missed. MONEY brings us a piece by Gary Krasnov offering three resolutions for the new year. Who can’t benefit from good money habits? We have three new authors in three new columns making their debuts this month. From the Marti Law Firm comes information about the various immigration options available for aviation-related jobs. The new column is titled, SKYLAW / Immigration Edition. We welcome Richard Swindell with the new column, CONTRACT TALKS. He’s starting a series this month with Laboring to Understand Unions, Part 1. Our last new column commencing this month is GREY MATTER from VATH Publishing. The goal of this column is to provide valuable insights for those transitioning into a commercial aviation role. In this first installment, they shed light on the roles of DEI and CRM, their value and criticality together. For our FEATURE this month, we are kicking off our annual photo contest. Winter is a great time for beautiful dawns and dusks, so if you have a great shot of the colorful sky with an aircraft, submit it for consideration. The grand prize winner will have their photo on the cover of the June issue of our eMagazine. As with every month, we invite your input. Share your thoughts at


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