Aero Crew News September 2023


This month in Aero Crew News

Feature – NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots demand a fair contract. 

Business Vector – 2023 Compensation Survey results are examined.

Fitness – Eat well, not less.

Food Bites ­– Is in Spokane for suds and an epic sandwich.

Grey Matter – Part 3 of the five-part series on safety continues this month with FOQA.

Knowledge Base  Coffin corner and Mach tuck are explained.

Money  Learn to avoid the dumb things smart people do with their money.

Perspectives – John has overcome his resistance and reluctance to flight instructing.

SkyLaw – Part 2 of marriage-based immigration looks at proving your relationship.

The Grid – Compares NetJets pilot contract with Delta’s.


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