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Air Cargo Carriers is a cargo airline that is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, USA, with its main base of operations and central maintenance facility located at General Mitchell International Airport.  ACC was established in 1986 with the aim of providing aircraft freight services to non-trunk population centers with the same bulk capacity and container capability that had been available to only larger markets. Air Cargo Carriers is now the largest commercial owner and operator of Shorts aircraft in the world, and is also the most integrated shorts operator. The company operates contract feeder cargo services for UPS, FedEx, and DHL, and also provides on-demand charter services.  The Shorts aircraft are ideal for all loads ranging from small boxes to large containers and palatized freight.

For over 30 years, Air Cargo Carriers has prided itself in operating highly reliable and successful scheduled routes throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada. Through its vast network of maintenance stations and support infrastructure, ACC consistently maintains above a 99% on time dispatch rate.  ACC continues to provide the greatest customer care-driven service to the air freight industry as well as many others.  By carrying over the core belief structure forged in the air freight business of providing the customer what they want, on time and at a competitive rate, ACC is able to provide superior products and services to the growing list of satisfied customers.

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Current Routes

  • Air Cargo Carrier’s current weekly scheduled routes include:
  • Beckley, WV (BKW) to Louisville, KY (SDF)
  • Charleston, WV (CRW) to Louisville, KY (SDF)
  • Warsaw, IN (ASW) to Louisville, KY (SDF)
  • Danville, IL (DNV) to Louisville, KY (SDF) to Decatur, IL (DEC)
  • Myrtle Beach, SC (MYR) to Columbia, SC (CAE)
  • Savannah, GA (SAV) to Columbia, SC (CAE)
  • Swainsboro, GA (SBO) to Columbia, SC (CAE)
  • Harrisburg, PA (MDT) to Cincinnati, OH (CVG)
  • Phoenix, AZ (PHX) to Tuscan, AZ (TUS)
  • Warsaw, IN (ASW) to Louisville, KY (SDF)
  • Beckley, WV (BKW) to Louisville, KY (SDF)
  • Charleston, WV (CRW) to Louisville, KY (SDF)
  • San Juan, PR (SJU) to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (STT)
  • San Juan, PR (SJU) to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (STX)
  • San Juan, PR (SJU) to St. Martin, AN (SXM)
  • San Juan, PR (SJU) to Tortola, British Virgin Islands (EIS)
  • San Juan, PR (SJU) to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (SDQ)
  • Aguadilla, PR (BQN) to Santiago, Dominican Republic (STI)

Current Fleet

Air Cargo Carriers has maintained the world’s largest civilian fleet of SD3-30 and SD3-60 aircraft for over 3 decades. ACC’s current fleet of 35 aircraft consists of:

  • 25 Short 360’s
  • 4 Short 330’s
  • 4 Cessna Caravans
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In House Pilot Training – Pilot Evolution Program

Air Cargo Carriers is extremely unique in having its own Shorts SD3 flight training device in-house for pilot training. This is one of only two Shorts simulators in existence in the world. The availability of this SD3 flight training device on site allows Air Cargo to train well above any regulatory requirement and keep the pilots current on the Shorts aircraft at much lower cost than other operators who have to send their pilots to La Guardia (New York City) for training on the only other simulator.

Air Cargo Carriers has partnered with the Westfield Flight Academy and their Pro Pilot course to develop the Pilot Evolution Program. Successful completion of the program can land new pilots a position as a first officer with ACC in as little as 6 months. The Pilot Evolution Program can help new pilots gain invaluable experience as a pilot and also help them evolve and achieve their aviation goals. Air Cargo Carriers has entered into an agreement with Omni Air International, where within 5 years an interview with Omni is guaranteed to allow pilots a path to progress their careers: from Cessna to Shorts SD3 to Boeing 777.  Read about our recent success stories on our website.

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In-house Maintenance Facility and World’s Largest Parts Inventory 

With its full- service Milwaukee-based primary maintenance facility operating out of 2 hangers at General International Airport, ACC has the tooling and equipment to perform all of the maintenance functions in-house on the Shorts aircraft, including the conversion of the aircraft from passenger to cargo configurations, and Hot Section Inspections (HSI’s) on its engines.  The company also operates a satellite maintenance facility in Punta Gorda, Florida, Beckley West Virginia and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Air Cargo Carriers provides on call technical support, full maintenance and training to other Shorts operators world-wide.

In addition, Air Cargo Carriers has one of the largest Shorts parts inventories in the world. When other operators have ceased Shorts operations, ACC has acquired their aircraft, parts, and tooling. The company has also purchased damaged aircraft and stripped the craft for useful parts, allowing them to acquire a very extensive parts inventory that includes stock doors, windows, flight controls, stabilizers, air ducts and many other parts that other vendors do not offer. Having the ability to part out a number of SD3-30’s and SD3-60’s air frames has allowed ACC to not only maintain their fleet, but become a valuable resource for other Shorts operators. Mechanics cannot perform their jobs properly without parts.  In San Juan we have a 3000 sq. ft. parts area containing over 5000 “no go” line items in addition our Milwaukee facility is 13,150 sq. ft. housing 12,500 line item parts to ensure long term operation of the aircraft.

The company has developed PMA capabilities on dozens of Shorts aircraft parts, allowing them to provide less expensive alternatives to costly or limited number parts and keep their cost of operating reasonable.

Integrated Companies

Milwaukee Avionics and Instruments

As a part of expanding Air Cargo Carriers, the company founded Milwaukee Avionics and Instruments in 1994. MAI is a FAA Certified Part Repair Station (#M7IR960), and has a very knowledgeable staff on hand that has many years of general aviation and Shorts SD3 equipment experience. Milwaukee Avionics and Instruments currently provides a diversity of repair services that include Unlimited Avionics/ Radio Rating: Class 1: Communication/ Class 2: Navigation/ Class 3: Radar and Unlimited Instrument Rating: Class 1: Mechanical/ Class 2: Electrical/ Class 3: Gyroscopic/ Class 4: Electronic.

MAI also has Limited Airframe rating for Shorts SD3-30 and SD3-60 aircraft that provides the capability for major and minor airframe related repairs and alterations.

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Midwest Turbine Service

Midwest Turbine Service, founded in 2001 to provide engine repair and overhauls to our fleet and to external customers.  Midwest Turbine Service is a certified FAR part 145 repair station (#DATR119D) for aircraft engines and hydraulic components. Capabilities include the PT6A-27 through PT6A-135 and can be certified in our in house engine test cell.

ACC Integrated Services

For over 15 years ACC Integrated Services searches and inspects aircraft for cargo conversions and provides leasing services to our air carrier.

We invite you to find out more about Air Cargo Carriers and Milwaukee Avionics and Instruments by visiting their website at:  or by contacting ACN

SOURCEAero Crew News, March 2018
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Air Cargo Carriers, LLC. has been synonymous with dependability and quality in the air freight industry since 1986. As the company has grown, so has the number of industries it serves. Today, Air Cargo Carriers continues to provide the greatest customer care-driven service to the air freight industry as well as many others. By carrying over the core belief structure forged in the air freight business of providing the customer what they want, on time and at a competitive rate, Air Cargo is able to provide superior products and services to the growing list of satisfied customers.


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